iPad Classes for Beginners

Coaches of Technology offers help in learning how to use your iPad.   We can come to your location to offer iPad classes for beginners or for intermediate users.  Most classes are about an hour long and involve hands-on training with the iPad.

Beginners iPad Classes

Is an iPad Right for Me?

This is a basic introduction of what the iPad can do, and why I think that the iPad is the best choice among  tablets.  I will demonstrate some of the many features available.  This is your chance to try out an iPad and ask questions from an expert, without the pressure of a salesperson.

Getting Started with the iPad

Once you’ve gotten an iPad, I’ll help you make sure that you’ve set it up properly.  We’ll fine tune your settings and customize them so it is really your iPad. We’ll even make sure that it doesn’t make noises in the middle of the night.

In addition, we will spend the time it takes to make sure that you are comfortable with your iPad.

Even if you’ve been using your iPad for a while, there are lots of features that you might not know about.