Learning PowerPoint

Learn to use PowerPoint Effectively

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for educators, but it can be deadly if used poorly.  We have all fallen asleep when a boring presenter assaults us with slides stuffed with text and annoying animations.

Used properly, though, PowerPoint can be very effective.  Learning PowerPoint can help you become a better teacher.

Learning PowerPoint

If you are just starting out with PowerPoint, I’ll teach you the information you need to get started with dynamic presentations.  Don’t just cram in information.  Develop “think-pair-share” concept quizzes to engage your students.  Produce lessons you can re-use from year to year.

If you are familiar with PowerPoint, I’ll show you some intermediate skills to really help you get your message across.  Use animations effectively.  Produce helpful diagrams for your lessons and elsewhere.  Include notes to help you review before a lesson.

PowerPoint isn’t just for the front of the classroom.  When you become an advanced user, you can use it to create videos, to practice for a talk, or to create “game show” review sessions.

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