Yahoo Search Hijacking Google Chrome

Has Yahoo unwillingly become your default search engine in Chrome?

I have been using Google Chrome as my browser for a while now. Recently, I discovered that the default search engine started to become Yahoo. While I don’t necessarily have a problem with using the Yahoo search engine, my preference is Google.

I found out that a company called Spigot has a program that produces this behavior. I’m not sure exactly how it got on to my computer, but it was relatively simple to remove.

How to Stop Yahoo Search Hijacking Google Chrome

I went to Start\Control Panel\Programs and Features. From here I looked through the listings and discovered a program called SearchSettings.exe by the publisher Spigot. Once I removed this program (right click and choose uninstall), Chrome was once again my default search engine.

I found help on this topic from!topic/chrome/R4gHWcJdgH0%5B226-250%5D

Don’t forget.  Be careful where you browse.  Make sure your anti-virus programs are updated and running regularly.