Professional Development

I have been teaching science and mathematics for over 20 years.  Along the way, I’ve mastered many teaching techniques.  I’ve also found ways to blend math and science that help students understand both subjects even better.  My professional development workshops are designed to help teachers of all levels understand and teach their topics better.

I work from the New York Learning Standards & Core Curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards to design professional development training that you can use immediately in your classroom.

Here’s a list of topics I’ve already presented, with blue text indicating that more information is available on the website.  If you have other topics in mind, we can design a workshop to fit your specific needs.

I update information here regularly, so check back often.

Professional Development Topics

Science and Math Topics

  • Density
  • Forces and Motion
  • Light and Optics
  • Matter

Teaching Methods

If you’ve attended one of my Professional Development Trainings and liked it, please leave a comment below.