It is very likely that you have one or more types of personal technology that you use nearly every day. These include things like mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, and personal computers.

These devices are tools. In order to use tools properly, a bit of training can help. I’ve been using most of these tools for years now. Let me help you use your device more effectively.

I have information posted here on the website, but I can sit down with you at a local library or coffee shop in the Greater Rochester (NY) area.  A bit of one-on-one help can work wonders. 

Personal Technology Categories


The iPad is one of the most popular personal technology devices out there.   Learn how to set up your iPad so that it doesn’t make noise in the middle of the night.  Set up parental restrictions so that your kids don’t buy a ton of apps.

Get the most out of your iPad.

Google Pixel 2

Android phones come in all shapes and sizes.  My current personal favorite is the Google Pixel 2.  The camera on this device is amazing.  This phone is fast, and has become even more affordable.  You can easily find cases, screen protectors, and other accessories for it.  If you’d like to learn more about your Pixel 2, I can help.

Get the most out of your Google Pixel 2.