Changing your iPhone or iPad eMail Signature (iPhone, iPad)

What is an iPad email signature?

A signature is a set of text that you attach at the bottom of your emails. Unlike the signature you put at the bottom of a handwritten letter, it often contains your name and a few other bits of information. You might want to add your phone number, your business name, e-mail, and other contact information to you iPad email signature. I include my website name as well. Many people include quotes or other fluff. You can add just about anything you want, but I’d avoid going overboard.

You could type this in every time you send an e-mail, but there is a quicker way to do it, via the iOS Settings. Let’s set yours up now.
I’m sure I’ll mention this many times, but changing settings in iOS sometimes seems backwards. In order to change settings for most applications, you need to leave the application completely, and go to the global Settings. This is found on a grey icon that contains two concentric gears. This is typically found on the first screen of apps on the iPad and iPhone. Because it is so useful, I’ve placed my settings icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

If you click on this icon, you will be presented with a list of things you can customize. (The iPhone and iPad selections are labeled almost the same, but you can see more on the iPad. The following description is for the iPad, but should get you through the same steps on the iPhone.) Scroll down through the list until you see an icon with an envelope labeled as “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. Tap this. To the right, you will see a list of accounts. It’s tempting to tap on the one you want, but the Signature setting is located further down the page, and you might need to scroll down. Tap on Signature, and a new set of options will show up. You can change your signature for “All Accounts” at once, or “Per Account”. If you have multiple e-mail accounts for different types of uses (one for business, one for online dating, and another for family, for example), you will probably want to tap the “Per Account” option.

Once you do, you will see a list of your accounts, and their individual signatures. The default is “Sent from my iPad”. (I think this was a stroke of genius from the Apple marketing division.) Tap on the signature you would like to change, and the on-screen keyboard will appear.

A typical iPad email signature

Type in whatever you would like. I prefer to start out with a row of asterisk symbols or equal signs to set it apart from the text above.

My iPad email signature for this business looks something like this…

iPad email Signature

This is an example signature for email on an iPad or iPhone.

It might seem silly to include your e-mail address on an e-mail, but sometimes people will print out or copy and paste their e-mail into another document. By including it here, it will be included in the printout.
There isn’t a simple way to add pictures or hyperlinks to your e-mail signature on the iPad or iPhone. I’d recommend just sticking with some simple text.

Do you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions about your iPad email signature?