Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

This series of introduction to robotics sessions lets you learn to build and program robots using Lego® NXT® system.

During each robotics class, students learn a new aspect of programming to help their robot complete a new challenge. Each session meets one hour per day for three days.

Students should progress from the beginner to intermediate to advanced sessions.

Students get lots of individual attention, as only four students can register for a given session.  Students will work in pairs to create moving robots.  Each pair will share a Lego®  NXT kit and a computer.

Ages 8-10 and 11-14.

Lego Robot

Beginner Session

This set of three one-hour classes helps to get you started with building simple robots and programming the NXT robotic brick controller.  You will learn how to guide the robot through simple mazes.

Intermediate Session

This set of three one-hour classes shows you how to use sensors and switches to interact with the world.  The NXT system includes sonic sensors that use sonar to help your robot steer clear of walls and people.  It also includes optical sensors to help the robot follow paths on the floor.  Now your robot can move around without bumping into things!

Advanced Session

This set of three one-hour classes sets you loose on the knowledge you gained from the first two sessions. Now that your robot can sense its surroundings, we’ll make it do complex tasks. Now you can get creative with your designs and programs.

Lego®, Mindstorms®, and NXT® are trademarks of the LEGO Group. These classes are not affiliated or endorsed by the Lego Group.

Classes are offered through the Sweden/Clarkson Recreation Department at the Sweden/Clarkson Community Center in Brockport, NY.

Sign up for a class by calling the Recreation Department at 585-431-0090

Upcoming Classes

Beginner Session  (Ages 8-10)

Tuesdays: 4/5/16, 4/12/16, and 4/19/2016:  5-6 pm

Intermediate Session  (Ages 08-10)

Thursdays: 5/5/16, 5/12/16 and 5/17/16:  5-6 pm

Advanced Session  (Ages 08-10)

TBA (scheduled on the Summer Calendar)

Beginner Session (Ages 11-14)

Thursdays: 4/7/16, 4/14/16, and 4/21/2016:  5-6 pm

Intermediate Session  (Ages 11-14)

Tuesdays: 5/3/16, 5/10/16 and 5/17/16:  5-6 pm

Advanced Session  (Ages 11-14)

TBA (scheduled on the Summer Calendar)