Arduino Class setup

Arduino Class Musings

I recently taught my first Introduction to Arduino Programming class at the Sweden/Clarkson Recreation Center. This Arduino class consisted of one student, and I think he enjoyed himself. More importantly, I think he learned a few things about programming. Lessons from my first Arduino Programming Class with Younger Kids The Arduino is a microprocessor that […]

Touch Screen Problems

I often see touch screen problems when coaching folks on their iPad or smart phone.  This often leads to frustration, so I like to make a few recommendations at the beginning of a session. Common Touch Screen Problems and Their Solutions Tapping the screen too quickly. “Tap” is the term most people use when describing a […]

iPad for Father’s Day

If you  are thinking about an iPad for Dad on Father’s Day, you might want to read through the “iPad for Dad” posts on “As Our Parents Age”.  The posts start back in 2010, but there is some useful information on how to help elderly folks get used to the iPad. The series starts at […]

Choosing an iPad

Choosing an iPad Note:  This information is a bit out of date since the introduction of the iPad Air 2.  Some improvements have been introduced, but the iPad Air is still a solid machine, and is priced $100 – $150 cheaper, depending on the specifications. Apple is known for keeping things simple, so your choices […]

Hello world!

This is the home of Coaches of Technology. We offer personal and small group coaching to help you learn how to use your personal, educational, and business technology effectively. Do you want to use your iPad to talk to your grandchildren? Do you have an e-reader that you would like to use more? Do you […]