The number of technological tools available to educators these days is astounding, and also a bit daunting.  You could spend all of your time just learning what is available without learning how to use any of it.

That’s where I can help you out.

Tech Tools for Teachers

I’ve been incorporating technology into my classrooms since the day I placed a black and white LCD panel on top of my overhead projector.  Today, I have my own websites.  You are here at  I post online video lessons for my students at  Check it out to see how I incorporate my own technology skills to help students learn.  You might not teach physics, but you might want to learn how to set up your own teaching website.

I can help you become familiar with using PowerPoint effectively, using Excel to manage your grades, and incorporating iPad apps into your classroom.  You want to spend your time teaching.  I can help you learn these tools quickly so that you can use them to teach.

I offer one-on-one help in education-related technology to teachers interested in individualized help.  I also offer professional development to schools or school districts in the greater Rochester, NY region.

For more information on tech tools for teachers, click on the links below.  These are examples of the types of professional development training I can provide.

Technology alone will not make your students learn.  I also provide instruction on various teaching methods, including Socratic Questioning, Peer Instruction, and other techniques.  For example, see the link below.